Crafting, the act of creating with one's hands, has experienced a significant resurgence in popularity. Whether it's sourdough baking, knitting, concrete casting, sewing, or drawing, many have discovered the joy of becoming completely absorbed in their craft projects, experiencing a state of "meaningful self-forgetfulness" where the project takes over all thoughts.

With craft psychology, it becomes possible to understand the mechanisms behind this "self-forgetfulness." In my presentation, I will delve into why:

  • Crafting is not only meaningful and enjoyable but also health-promoting.
  • There are numerous beneficial physical and psychological effects associated with crafting.
  • It's beneficial to have at least 10 different projects in progress simultaneously.
  • Your heart rate and nervous system calm down when you engage in crafting.
  • Staying active maximizes your passion's benefits.
  • You can concentrate better and engage in social interactions more effectively when doing simple crafts.
  • Experiencing flow, "overkantsflow," and immersion can promote health.
  • Having a passion can promote health, especially in managing stress, anxiety, and loneliness.

The presentation is packed with new models and knowledge derived from six years of research, and it elucidates the theories behind craft psychology in an accessible manner.

I'm more than happy to tailor the content of the presentation to your group, making it as relevant as possible for your needs.

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