Here, you can find an overview of all publications by Anne Kirketerp in the field of craft psychology as well as past newsletters.

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Craft Psychology - Health-Promoting Effects of Handicrafts and Crafts (2020)

The book serves as a foundational text in craft psychology for anyone interested in handicrafts, craftsmanship, and well-being, both professionally and personally. It explains why crafting is not only meaningful and enjoyable to engage in but also has a wide range of beneficial physical and psychological effects.


Health and Well-Being through Craft Activities - A Practical Handbook (2023)

A comprehensive book that particularly focuses on craft activities and how they can be used professionally.

Woven Scarves (1998)

This book provides inspiration and instructions for a variety of woven scarves that can add color to your attire.

A scarf is an accessible project to start with, but the book's different patterns can also be used in various other ways.


Introduction to Mindful Crocheting and Handicraft Techniques

On my YouTube channel, you can find inspiration for various handicraft techniques, lectures on the push method, and an introduction to how you can connect craft and mindfulness.