My personal resume shortly:

Consultant / Expert in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Motivation, New Teaching Methods in Various Areas of Primary Schools, High Schools, Universities, Colleges, and Ministries.

Instructor for the Master's in Positive Psychology at Aarhus University, Facilitator for the "Resource-Focused Counseling" Guidance Training, Craft Psychology Training Program Developer and Instructor.

Keynote Speaker at numerous conferences and courses across Denmark, specializing in Entrepreneurship, the Push Method, Motivation, Innovation, and Craft Psychology.

Work experience

2016-              Founder of craft-psychology and CEO at "Anne Kirketerp"

2012-2016      Educational Developer and Research leader in the field of entrepreneurship and Innovation at VIAUC

2012-              External associate Professor, Aarhus University

2012-2012      Leader of Development, Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Arhus University

2010-2012      Professional manager, Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Aarhus University

2009-2010      Consultant, Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, University of Aarhus

2009-2011      External researcher, Universe Research Lab

2008-2009      Researcher, Project Leader, Universe Research Lab

2008-2011      External Associate Professor, University of Southern Denmark

2007-              Examiner, Aarhus University

2006-2009      Ph.d. Student.University of Southern Denmark

2005-2008      Consultant, CTM ApS

2005            Head of office ,IDEA Central Jutland

2005-              Consultant, Cubion

2004-2005      Psychology Teacher, VIA University College (Textile)

2004-2005      Psychology Teacher, Rønde Folk High School

1995-2000      Teacher, The Experimental Textile Folk High School

1994-1995      Teacher at a continuation school

Main activities and responsibilities

Educational developer in the field of Entrepreneurship and Enterprise in a wide range of educations at VIA University College.  Especially in” teach the teacher” programs.

Leading two research programs in “Entrepreneurship teaching” and in “Co-creation and innovation”.

Developing new education in entrepreneurship at different bachelor programs and integrating entrepreneurship and enterprise as a mindset I bachelor programs around VIA’s educations – also in the student incubator

Leading an International Conference on Entrepreneurship Teaching in January 2015

Educator at the bachelor of Public Administration in the area in entrepreneurship, positive psychology and innovation.

Education and training

2005-2009      Ph.D. Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management. Kolding. University of Southern Denmark

2000-2004      Psychologist, MA (Ed). Psych. School of Education, Aarhus University

1996-1997      Pedagogical Diploma (PD) in Visual Communication, School of Education, Aarhus University

1992-1994      BA, Textile Teacher, VIA University College (Textile)

1990-1992      Craftman (Weaver), Carl Malmsten’s School of Art, Øland, Sweden

Teaching experience

2017-              Teaching Ph.D. supervisors at AAU about supervision and motivation

2016-              Supervisor education ”Resursefokuseret vejledning” with GNIST

2017-              Teaching in Craft psychology

2016-              Teaching and educating 2000 Danish primary school teachers about how to teach Innovation

2014-              Teaching at “Folkeuniversitetet”

2012-2016      Teaching in various” Teach the Teacher” programmes at VIA UC.

2011-              Teaching on Master of Positive Psychology in the topic: enterprising behavior and self-determination

2011-              Teaching in various MA courses at AU in the topic: enterprising behavior

2008-2012      E-MBA (Communication theory and coaching)

2008-2010      IMEET (The International Master in Entrepreneurship Education and Training)

2007-2009      Teacher, University of Southern Denmark, BA and MA

2006-              Seminars on creativity

2004-2005      Psychology Teacher at various seminars and folk high schools

1995-2000      Teacher at VIA University College (Textile)

Research and development experience

Expert advisor in the Ministry of Education – Innovation.

Developing of new subject in the new High School reform “Innovation”.

Together with 3 other experts in the field of Innovation, we have created a new way to teach Innovation at level B & C in the Danish High School. One of the major accomplishment is that “Foretagsomhed” now is one of the mail competences.

Leader of: Research and Development program for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Teaching. 2012-

A research and development program for educators at VIA UC. Aiming for contributions in journals, conferences and at starting Ph.d.’s.  This Programme is cooperating with Aarhus University and Southern Danish University.  In this programme I am also leading a conference: European Networking Conference on Entrepreneurship Education.

MMALP (Mange Måder At Lære På -  The School in the Future). 2009-2011

Project leader at Universe Research Lab in the research project MMALP 2008-2009

In cooperation with Vejle Municipality researchers from Universe Research Lab carry out evaluation research directed at conditions, skills and well-being in the schools in the municipality. In short, the project is called MMALP and refers to its Danish title. A website for the project has also been launched - in Danish for the time being:

All schools in Vejle municipality participate in the project, which means that nearly 12,000 students, over 1,400 professionals and more than 120 leaders are involved in both development projects designed to strengthen schools' working conditions, job satisfaction and professionalism, and educational research projects aimed at contributing with new knowledge about learning, creativity, education and innovation.

Report for the Nordic Council of Ministers - KREA north. 2011

Entrepreneurship and enterprise in the Creative educations in the Nordic countries

This report aims to contribute to the students of the Creative Education in the Nordic countries strengthened their potential to transform  creative and artistic skills for a sustainable work life. The report provides definitions and distinctions in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education and provides suggestions for learning based on these.

Se the report here.

The Entrepreneurial University (47 2010

In collaboration with two other colleagues, I have developed, described and taken home this project.

November 2010 Aarhus University won the competition Danish Business Authority had said to be to be "Denmark's Entrepreneurial University".  The vision of the project is that all students at Aarhus University are acquainted with exactly the kind of entrepreneurship that suits their study, at the right stage in their education.

Other experience

900+ Keynotes at Conferences at private and Public institution.

External examiner appointed by the Ministry of Culture

Public Censor at the Kaospilot in Aarhus

Appointed from the ministry of education to the workgroup designing the new subject “innovation” in all Danish High Schools.